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From full service developments to a la carte services. We guide and help our clients to launch the most scalable websites and mobile apps.

  • Kaplandroid is a well-established company that offers full-fledged web, tablet and mobile app development services. Our calibration is whatever we do to add value to your business. We meet your business needs by bringing the right solutions without exceeding the budget constraints you set.
  • We help entrepreneurs and businesses build products that solve everyday problems through a creative and conscientious use of technology.
  • We understand that the decision to build a new product, and the team you choose to build it with, is a crucial, and even scary decision. That’s why we give you our promise: to do our very best and to always strive to do the right thing for your project, your users, and your team.


We build software that boosts productivity for businesses and simplifies customers’ lives.

UI&UX Design

When it comes to design, it is critical to build concepts around the user’s needs. After all, we want the end user to understand and easily navigate the design.

Once we set solid foundations, it’s time to make your digital product look stunning.

Mobile Development

Using Java and Kotlin, and supported by test-driven development, our dedicated team of Android Engineers is ready to bring Material Design to life. We always tap into the latest technologies provided by Apple, be it Swift or Objective-C. We can also give support to our customer using hybrid solutions like Flutter and React Native.

Web Development

Can’t untangle the complexities of the web? That’s where we can help! Using JavaScript technologies like Angular and React, we create web apps that are both beautiful and lightning-fast.

Quality Assurance

We never rest until things work perfectly. You might even say we’re a little obsessed. With our in-house QA team, we’ve incorporated quality assurance throughout all phases of software development.

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